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Boules & Kubb

Germans mostly think of aged Frenchmen leasurely moving Boule balls on public areas when the word Boule is mentioned. However, the correct name is actually Pétanque and thereby distinguishes the well known game from similars.
The game conducted on public areas rather is a free time activity, whereas the sporty alternative is held on special club facilities (Boule ground(french: Boulodrome)  or Boule hall).
Kubb is a game of skills with emphasis on strategy. It symbolizes a battle between two groups at enmity fighting over their king. Today's type of Kubb originated in Scandinavia approximately 1990, but expanded vividly making it a commom game in Germany.
If you wish to have a try on one of these games or have other questions please contact our team at holiday resort Bad Sonnenland.